Donald Trump is a joke with a small loan of a million dollars. He wants to build a wall. All of the things he says are cringeworthy.

October 9th Debate

He became obsessed with saying things are under siege. He also sniffs a lot.

October 19th Debate

  • He didn't know Putin.
    • And yet, he praises him and treats him like God.
  • He toke the baby and ripped it out of the womb
  • He interup- "The wall"
  • He became obsessed with Saudi Arabia, Japan and Germany.
    • Especially Saudi Arabia
  • You won't find a quote from him.
  • Trump drank water
  • He asked to pay up four times
    • He is a gangster holding America hostage.
  • He borrowed four million dollars from his dad
  • He did not say that
  • He is very bigly
  • He "Is the most respectful person to women"
    • We all know this is false, though
      • Wrong
  • He watched ad, after ad, after ad...
  • He revealed that everything was rigged
  • He proved that Hilary was WRONG
  • He proves Hilary was a nasty woman
  • He'll keep you in suspense
  • He says we got some bad hombres here.
  • He doesn't realize he is the bad hombre

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