Duncan is the best td character

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I know, Duncan is so gr8

Facts about Duncan:

  • Duncan is the only contestant to make it to the merge four times.
  • Duncan was in the final 5 for the first three seasons.
  • The third episode of TDWT is the first episode in which Duncan didn't appear.
    • This makes him appear in 56 episodes in a row.
    • But he still appeared in a Japanese promo for TDA, which technically makes 4th episode of TDWT the first one in which he didn't appear, and makes it 57 episodes in a row.
  • He is also the king of TDA. Bow to him or you are arrested.
    • The reason he returned in TDWT after getting eliminated is because Duncan is the king of TDA and of the merge so they decided to return him. Slay.
  • King Duncan also got robbed in Glenn's blog! Unacceptable!!!
  • One of the only reasons that RBW likes Post-TDI Duncan is because he reminds him of Chewy.

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