The following is the Gallery of Fun, captions that unfortunately were too inappropriate for the Cap This activity on TD wiki. Remember to add it on your section!

Note: All the captions on this page should be related to Total Drama. No Survivor, Big Brother, etc. Additionally, don't just add your caption here because you thought it deserved to be on the gallery but you didn't make it. Get over it.


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Taylor just got her period.


Masturbation joke

Bridgette: Courtney, others say you should stop doing this in public.


Izzy: Oh, Tyler, you're such a beast too!
Tyler: Mhm.(muffled) That's not how you do it!

Final four and LGBT themes

Jasmine: Finally, first official LGBT relationship on Total Drama! <3


Jacques Joke

Jacques: Have you ever touched those?

Izzy Joke

Izzy: Ohhh, Owen! You're such a beast!



Courtney: Don't fight it Duncey, we both know you want it.

Courtney drags Duncan

Duncan: DRAG ME



When Poopydog thinks she's made a clever plot twist for The Drama.

Duncan pokes Leshawna&#039;s boobs

Leshawna: "Duncan, stop poking me there!"

Lindsay Screaming

What could Tyler possibly be doing down there??


Josee: Go on Jacques. Don't be afraid. Go ahead and grab them.



Izzy told him to eat her booty like groceries but it was spoiled!



Courtney, don't be such a naughty girl!

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