— Harold

Harold also known as Doris was in Total Drama Island and he loved, lost and saw boobies. He returned for Total Drama Action where he almost won but Duncan and Owen didn't let him because the writers are dumbasses. Some legends say he was in Total Drama World Tour but eliminated in some mythical Japan episode.

Known quotes

  • Boobies...
  • GOSH!
  • Idiots!
  • Beginners...*
  • Twins...*

Myths say that "Beginners" and "Twins" aren't Harold's real quotes. Those are some obvious blatant lies created by some mustard bustard! DO NOT BELIEVE IN THEM!


Harold came to camp wawanakwa with some wicked skillz, as shown in fourth and fifth episode. He was also shown to leave his beautiful underwear all over the boys' cabin. The other boys, as the true fans of Harold's underwear, rewarded him for that, showing him naked to the girls. Harold also saw Heather's boobies. He also got booted out in the same episode (idk why) leaving all the girls alone.


Harold came back for another season, with his best friend - Duncan. His friendship was really strong, until the producers told them to be enemies. As depressed Harold still fought hard. Sadly, he got eliminated in twenty-third episode, after Duncan and Owen conspired against him. GOSH!


Some legends say Harold was in this season. One of them say that he got booted out as third, but we all know it is impossible. The only way for Harold to get eliminated that early is to quit, which we all know Harold would never do.


Harold was going to have a cameo in the second episode, but the producers were so dumb they cancelled it. Being threatened by Chewy, they at least left some references to Harold's planned presence in the episode, such as his glasses (a lot of pairs actually) and naming the challenge "mad skills course".

Cool trivia

  • Harold is always eliminated in an episode which ends with a number 3:
    • 13 in TDI.
    • 23 in TDA.
    • 3 in TDWT.
    • Because of this, the creators are planning to make him the winner and make his ending the only one of the season, so he'll come back and never be eliminated, allowing the pattern to stay.
      • The producers are also thinking of a season with at least 33 episodes, so Harold would be eliminated in 33rd.

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