Heather was a camper, and the main b**ch of Total Drama Island, as a member of the Heather's slaves. She later returned as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the Screaming Heather's slaves, and was a mega b**ch in TDAS. She also has 3427861 hairstyles but uses 2 of them.


Bad gurl with black hair...And she showed her boobies in X-Treme Torture. She later did so again for Art.


In Jamaica Me Sweat, Heather complains about being the only b**ch in the show so she quits. She doesn't receive a parachute :'( Poor Heather

Don't worry about her though. She landed right on a bed in Art's bedroom. The aliens kidnapped her from poor Art and brought her back on Total Drama Jumbo Jet.

Heather is smoking hot

Do it for her

Ok tdi fan can u piss of I'm back and all I have done is express and try to persuade to everyone why we loved heather and al so much your the one taking this to a whole new level ok he witches he was me and td isn't life it's one small thing in people's life and I'm trying to make him agree with this happens all around the world this even happens in total drama back if dimwit ok Sorry about everything. U where the first guy I ever had a fight with and I know u have had to put up with a lot so could u please forgive me I know I've said this before I kinda loss controll last time but I realise the power of good will always rain supreme I'm really sorry about before and I hope I can change and maybe maybe u can change who ur enemy is on ur wall Heather is smoking hot will return



  • Heather is similar to Courtney. Cuz they are antagonists. Yas
    • But only one of them is a big b**ch!
      • Heather is that one!
        • Cuz she's sexier


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See also

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